Quidditch explained

Quidditch is a mixed gender, full contact sport, which combines elements from rugby, handball, and dodgeball. In this dynamic and highly strategic game two teams, consisting of 7 players each, try to get more points than their opponents.

Besides fairness, inclusion, tolerance, and equality are also very important. These values are not only lived by the community, but are also ensured by the offical rules and are actively pursued. 

The balls

In quiddich up to five balls, which partly fulfill different functions, are on the field simultaneously. This makes quidditch a dynamic and versitale sport and requires a good game overview. 


1x per game

Is carried through one of the three hoops by the chasers. A goal is worth 10 points.


3x per game

Are used by the beaters to hit opponent players. Hit players have to run back to their own hoops and touch them to reenter the game.


1x per game

Is attached to the back of the shorts of the neutral snitch runner, who enters the game after 17 minutes. The seekers can catch the snitch and gain 30 points for their team and additionally end the game. 

The positions


1x per team

On defense, the keeper tries to prevent goals, in offense they can also play as a fourth chaser.
Keepers wear green headbands.


3x per team

Chasers try to score goals by throwing the quaffle through on of the opponent hoops - either from the front or from the back. 
Chasers wear white headbands.


2x per team

Beaters try to hit opponent players to take them out of the game for a short amount of time.
Beaters wear black headbands.


1x per team

Seekers enter the pitch in the 18th minute of the game and try to catch the snitch to end the game.
Seekers wear yellow headbands. 

The pitch

You can find the full rulebook on the website of the International Quidditch Association (IQA).

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