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We are delighted with the diverse media interest that is helping to spread quidditch. If you are a journalist who plans to focus on quidditch as a sport, we are happy to work with you. Please contact us, so we can find a suitable date for your project. We are also open for projects of journalists in training. 

Public pictures

The folder below contains selected photos of the Vienna Vanguards Quidditch Club. For journalistic purposes, the images are available free of charge for you. Any other use requires approval. For this please contact us. Please also always include the name of the photographer, which you can find in the file names.


The great film team from diego5 studios accompanied us for almost half a year for the ORF 1 report series "Das Leben ist schön". The result is an excellent documentary about the Vienna Vanguards, where you can gain insights and get to know us from our personal side.

Media presence of the Vienna Vanguards

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