The Vienna Vanguards Quidditch Club is always looking for new talents. We are open for players over 16 years in all shapes and sizes, regardless of previous experience.

To play quidditch you need team spirit and motivation. We'll teach you the rest.

Full membership

For all players over 16 years. 

Under 18 years, only with a signed consent form from the parents.

Costs: 25,- € per semester

Fan membership

The membership for individuals or organisations, who want to support the Vienna Vanuards Quidditch Club financially. 

Costs: 15,- € per semester

Hard facts

None. Everyone can play the game. It doesn't matter which gender you identify with, wether you are big, small, slow or fast, short or tall - everybody is welcome.

A variety of players is necessary, because there are many different roles that can be filled in a quidditch team.

Physical requirements

Try out

New players always have the opportunity to participate in some trainings free of charge. 

Players who already have experience playing quidditch can, after consultation with the club, be directly involved in our current trainings.

The ideal equipment consists of football boots and sportswear. Also recommended is a simple mouthguard for the upper jaw, which is available in every sports shop. For the indoor trainings, normal sportswear and indoor shoes are sufficient. 


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